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I too am looking for an answer to this question. I beleive you need
to use an SRC8 from team digital which can recieve a message once
the turnout is thrown, it in turn sends a message out which can
iluminate an LED. Can anyone confirm this as a solution.
Alternatives welcome..... the link below doesn't seem to work can
you repost it.

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Not directly, if I understand your question correctly.
The Atlas Snap Switches (the turnout) have a metal but non-powered
You can power the frog by using external microswitches or relays,
one of which is also called an Atlas Snap-Switch. This device is a
twin coil mechanical latching relay that can be wired in parallel
with the Atlas twin coil switch machine that operates the turnout.
The contacts of this relay can then be used to power the frog at the
right polarity or operate a signal circuit. Once you have that,
look at Allan's wiring aids at

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Good Morning, I am new to this list and my question is:

Is it possible using Atlas snap switches and DCC, to connect a two
light signal to it, to show red or green depending on which way
switch is, without having to do it manually? Thank you for any

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