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Michael Rozeboom

On 11-08-13 5:29 PM, David wrote:

I'm working on my first ever HO layout and have never worked with DCC
before. Ok got most of my wiring in place, got the color code working
well, soldering went good no melted ties.
But now I'm down to the last section of main line and my separate
programing track and this is where I'm confused. I have the NCE Power
cab system and in the book it shows a diagram how to wire a switch for
it. It shows 2 wires from Power cab connector to a DPDT 6 pole
switch(2 center posts) then 2 wires to the programing track (from one
end), and 2 wires going to the mainline track(other end). So are the
Power Cab connector wires just from my bus wires?
And I understand that with the switch to the program side the rest of
the layout is stopped but when programing is done will this section of
track operate normally with the rest of the main line? It is isolated
from the rest of the main line.
I hope I explained this right and understandable I've never done this
before and trying not to make to many mistakes.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
The idea is to be able to route power.

What is really important is that the programming track is isolated from
the rest of the world, so you can't accidentally bridge the two
systems. You need a completely dead section of track between it and the

You need a switch that can route power from the DCC system so that all
trackage has normal DCC available, so you can drive the locomotive in
and out of the programming section. When you switch to programming
mode, the DCC signals are disconnected, the isolation section goes dead,
and programming signals are now routed only to the programming track. has an example. (Your wiring
may vary.)

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