Re: Insulated joiners at turnouts

donevol <dvollrath@...>

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I have an existing layout. I'm getting ready to change over to
DCC. I have
Electrofrog Peco turnouts. I have heard that if you put
insulators on the
frog rails and the stock rails of the switch, I won't have to tear
them out
and re-wire them? Any ideas?

Putting insulated joiners at the frog rail ends of the turnout during
the initial installation of does help to...
1) isolate electrofrogs without rail cutting.
2) isolate track into signal blocks
3) isolate a siding for manual power cut off
4) isolate reversing tracks (isolate both track rails)
5) isolate between power districts (both rails)

You can always wire up track power feeders on both sides to the same
bus if you don't need any of the above. But having the insulated
joiners already in place lets you change the electrical configuration
under the layout at a later time to get a feature above without
having to cut or rip up track.

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