Re: How much track voltage is needed for N Scale?


Correct, N scale was designed with a max voltage of 12V.  So 11.5V is close
enough and with the decoders you will not see any issues at all.  Having the
11.5V everywhare insures uniform operation.


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DCC track voltage of 11.5V for N scale is more than adequate.

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Hello list,

I have just rewired our club's n-scale DCC power system. I installed a pair of
PSX-2 units from DCC Specialties to improve the circuit breaker functionality
and to divide the layout into 4 sub-districts.

The command station is a Digitrax DCS100 (not powering the rails) and the rails
are powered by 2 DB150 boosters. All 3 units are set to N scale. Each booster is
connected to a PSX-2 and they are both attached to a 12AWG power buss. All
connecting wiring is 12AWG.

I have measured the track voltage on the buss using an RRamp meter and am
getting what appears to be low readings. The voltage is consistent in all
sub-districts, but only reads 11.5V

Any ideas?




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