Re: Short Protection in Yards

Mark Gurries

I'm not quite sure why a yard should be more prone to shorts than
anywhere else. As long as there is
good separation between rails of opposite polarity or phase, there
shouldn't be any problem. I hand
lay 95% of my track and have never had a shut down due to a short
during normal operation.

If you have a particular problem with a reversed polarity problem in
the yard area, some more detail
about the actual problem would make it easier for us to provide

It is best to instal power districts where people tend to concentrate
their activities. Main line vs yard vs branchline ect.

Although you may not have lots of problems due to your excellent track
construction and car inspections meeting NMRA standards ect...a lot of
others live with less than perfection. More often than not, they tend
to be associated with areas that have lots of track switches...such as a
yard. The point being that derailments are an unfortunate common enough
event in most model train layouts that the shorts often created by them
can really impact the enjoyment of the layout when more than one
operator is involved. As such the strategy is to isolated large
sections of the layout track logically into working areas. By keeping
the working areas electrically isolated, electrical accidents only
bothers the one dealing with the cause as opposed to the other innocent

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