Re: Snubbers

Steve Haas

Gary asks:

"What is the correct way to wire in a snubber to the power bus? I know you
need on for each leg of the bus."

In theory, the snubbers should go at the extreme end of the power bus.

In reality, putting them as far out as is _reasonably_ possible will work

A friend has a layout where the command station and boosters are centrally
located. Booster output goes through PSX-4's before being sent out to power
districts on the layout. One of these power districts is out 55' on a
peninsula. The power district is further broken down into four individual
blocks. The supply to the four districts is split at a power panel under
the end of the peninsula - the snubber is located at this panel, before the
power is split off to each of the four blocks. Works fine.

However, before you go to the effort, what symptoms are you seeing and
trying to cure? Snubbers will never hurt, but they are used to solve
specific problems.

Hope this helps,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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