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As I stated in my original post, I'm just setting up short circuit
protection in the yards, so there is no specific problem now to
relate. All I want to know is if the entire yard is protected
together, where in the event of a short caused by derailment or
anything else, the whole yard, and all its tracks, stops until
resolved or do you have the individual tracks protected separately to
limit multiple engines on different tracks from all stopping in the
event of a short on another track. Yards ARE more prone to shorts
due to the increased number of close proximity T/O's that someone
might accidentally derail on if not lined properly from inattention,

Thanks. Fred

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I'm not quite sure why a yard should be more prone to shorts than
anywhere else. As long as there is good separation between rails of
opposite polarity or phase, there shouldn't be any problem. I hand
lay 95% of my track and have never had a shut down due to a short
during normal operation.

If you have a particular problem with a reversed polarity problem
in the yard area, some more detail about the actual problem would
make it easier for us to provide assistance.
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I am in the process of setting up short circuit protection on a
sized layout. I will be using short circuit modules that
protection to 4 sub-districts.

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