Re: Buzzing Sound in Proto 2K GP9


I am in the middle of digitizing my fleet of T&P Geeps.
The P2K weights are grounded to the frame (Screws) and are the same as the 'black' wire from track power. The truck 'tabs' are the 'red' track power.
If your decoder does not have a plastic wrapper, wrap it in Kapton tape, or electrical tape (Which may melt from heat, Kapton will not melt). A short to any decoder metal part to the weight can zap the decoder in odd ways.

DCC light power will blow the old DC bulbs. You need to replace them with 16V DCC bulbs, or with LED + Resistor.

You are takling about the Loks with the small PC board that the wires come to, with only the 8-pin socket, yes? I usually remove the plastic clips and solder the wires on. Much less trouble.

If you need more pointers, pictures, etc., let me know.
DeSoto, TX

P.S., if you do not want the GP18 any more..... :)

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I installed an NCE Decoder using the simple 8 pin plug on my Proto GP9. I made the mistake of not insulating the weight before running th engine. It programed fine. First thing it did was blow the incandecent lites in the engine. It ran well a few times around the track but then it stopped. I think it touched the weight and shorted out. I put the old board back in and the engine seems to still work fine with DC (a little slow but seems OK).
When I put the engine back on the DCC track, all it does is make a buzzing sound. Any ideas?


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