Re: Dealing with a single reverse loop on a layout.

Steve Haas

<<Thanks for the quick replies! If I do get an AR unit is their any
particular one recommended for use with ME On30 #5 Turnouts? Do the AR units
come with instructions for installation? >>

Type of turnout doesn't make a difference. Type of switch machine _might_,
if you want to use the turnout throwing capabilities of the PSX-AR. See the
PSX-AR instructions at:
For the details. These units have a lot of functionality - don't let that
scare you - two wires in and two wires out and you are up and running with
the basic configuration.

<<I am currently using Bachmann E-Z DCC system, if that makes any
difference. My layout is fairly small fitting into my son's old room, so
don't expect to upgrade my system for any reason other than maybe getting
into lighting and animation somewhere down the line ( highly doubtful
however lol ). >>

Hop this helps!

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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