Re: Dealing with a single reverse loop on a layout.

Steve Haas

<< Good evening all. This is my first post and its hopefully a simple
question... I am looking at a layout design that has one reversing loop on
it so I can turn my engines. Is it possible to simply enter the loop come to
a complete stop and throw the switch then proceed? Or do I have to do
special wiring for it?

Thanks all, Scott Huston in Las Vegas. >>


That approach would certainly work, but I'm not sure I'd implement it for

Other options:

1) You can throw the reversing switch while the train is in motion. This is
essentially what the automatic reversers are doing anyway.

2) Use a turnout with enough contacts or acquire/install additional contacts
so the reversing loop is polarity aligned with the direction the turnout is
thrown. This only works if the entrance/exit to the reversing track is
through the same turnout.

3) Get one of the PSX-AR cards made by DCC Specialties (or some other card
by someone else - cards with electronic reversing are preferred as opposed
to mechanical ones - they're just a bit quicker) and install it. Might seem
like a bit more expense at first, but will give seamless operation down the

Some folks like to fiddle and invent all kinds of home grown
implementations, but unless you like doing things like that and/or finances
are extremely tight, I'd go with the electronic reverser - costs a bit more,
but once you install it and adjust it (if needed at all), you're done.

Food for thought,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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