Re: Can I run a Genesis A-B-A trio from a single decoder?

Steve Haas

<<I have a trio of Athearn Genesis HO F7s that I expect to keep together

Previously I made up another trio, each with separate decoders. Generally
they operate well together, but occasional dirty track/wheels causing a
hiccup in power to any unit makes the trio buck harshly, presumably because
there is power in the other two still-powered locos.

So, for this lash-up I think I might try a single decoder in the B-unit
(doesn't matter which unit, thought) to power the three motors.

I plan to jumper between the units to pick up track power from all trucks
and distribute motor power to all three motors, and run headlight control to
the outside As - sounds like a 6-conductor connector between each unit.

I would like to hear from anyone who has tried this - successfully or
otherwise. Loss of flexibility aside, will this work? >>

I'd be more inclined to put a decoder in each of the units, semi-permanently
connecting the track power side of the decoders between units - perhaps
through the diaphragms.

With that approach you'll have all 24 wheels providing power to all three
units - much less likely for any of them to cut out due to a power loss.

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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