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The object is to flip the polarity on the track as rapidly as possible so the loco doesn't see any significant interruption of power. So, no do not use a switch with a dead center off position. Using the relatively slow moving contacts of a slide switch or those inside a tortoise machine is not good either for the same reason.

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You should use a dpdt switch. What I don't know, and what I'm asking
others, is whether or not the switch should be center-off, or not.


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I am in the process of laying track for a reversing section and,
eventually, I will add an auto-reversing unit.

For now, however, until I get everything tested, I will just manually
throw a switch once the loco is on the reversing section.

What kind of switch do I need? Should I use a DPDT or some other kind
of switch? How would I wire it for the two inputs from my bus wires and
the two outputs to the rails in the reversing section?




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