Re: problem with modular layout


There seems to be a common mistake between DC and DCC.
Folks think that because DCC uses AC power, that polarity does not matter.
DC folks are very careful to make sure that polarity is correct.
First time DCC users think "No more polarity woes! Free!".

Actually, AC is just like DC, with plus and minus signs. They just swap polarity 60 (or 50!) times per second. At any point in time, there is still plus on one rail, and minus on the other. Connecting one positive rail to a negative rail still causes a short.

The only electrical difference between DC and DCC is that the Lok direction and speed are controlled by the decoder + command station, not the track power.

That said, check the polarity of the wiring harness on the outside main. :)

DeSoto, TX

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Disconnecting each module and working away from the input I was able to run
the whole outer loop but for two removed connecting rails and corresponding
buses. There are two modules that are out of the loop. I put isolation track
connectors on the one of the breaks.

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