Re: Starting wire my layout... and I have questions

Steve Haas

<< 1) We are not supposed to have a bus over 30'. If I center my system, it
will be just over 30' each way. But what do I do when I add my Tehachepi
Loop section in the room adjacent to my train room. Do I have a booster in
that room as well, and run a wire back to the command station to keep from
going over 30'? >>

No where is it written in stone that track buses must be limited to a
maximum of 30'. I support a railroad in a 28 x 42 foot building where the
track bus for one segment of the layout is 70 - 80 feet long and another
segment is in excess of 50'. Those buses are 12AWG stranded wire, and they
are _not_ twisted (to be fair, they are bundled with other track buses
headed in the same direction).

You should be making decisions about the need for an additional booster
based on current capacity issues, _not_ the possible length of your bus
runs. As long as your power capacity requirements can be handled by the
first booster, locate it centrally to the proposed final track plan and stop
worrying about it.

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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