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Some of what you want can be done using occupancy detection.

Also, for specific effects, check into Bit Switch at

Good luck!

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I am a new member and new(6 months ago) to DCC.I am building a 14'x14' HO
scale display layout in a historical museum for the City of Lindale, Texas,
population 5,000. I want to automate the running such that a visitor can
push a button and watch the trains rum(max. of 4), with a timer that shuts
the trains down in say 10 minutes. I have 2 - 60' independent loops (one is
a dogbone)connected with a double crossover, and a yard. I have a 5 amp NCE
system with Tortoises, Hares, and PSX's in place. I am now in the process of
running the #14 buss around underneath. I would like the trains to stop and
start and backup if possible to help make the viewing more exciting for
kids. The layout will be used by visiting clubs, but the main purpose is for

Any advise on automation would be most welcome.

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