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Not to start a war, but Digitrax may be the better choice if you have not
invested in NCE yet. You can do things with the Loconet enabled accesories that
place no load on the controller. It is all about the quality of the third party
accesories you are planning to use, and if they support a seprate device to
device network for messaging that does not go on the rails.

The Digitrax example is to use a Team Digital SRC16 to connect to the Accesory
Track Bus.

It connects to the Digitrax BDL168 via the Loconet Connection for Occupancy

The BDL168 then uses a Loconet connection to the DS54/64 to throw a turnout

The DS 54/64 send a Loconet message to the Team Digital SIC24AD to change the
signal aspects

All of the communications between the devices never is seen by the controller
and will not bog it down.  Yet you still have control of the turnouts if needed,
or you can setup the logic have the turnouts thrown etc based on incoming
trains, and then reverted back to "normal" position. It is this kind of
flexibility and local control that will make your laout really work for you.  It
is just a matter of being able to find the right parts to make it happen.

And like I said, this is a known and workable Digitrax solution that can also
work with the NCE controller with a few minor adjustments. It is possible to use
Loconet without having to use a Digitrax controller.

Depending on your needs, you should look at the rr-circuits Tower 64 equipment. 
It may make things a lot easier for you since you can mix and match accesories
using a common interface.  Again, all you would need to add is a gateway to
Loconet, which is what the Team Digital SRC16 is for.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the advice. With a large layout which will ultimately have several
hundred turnouts, staging control and potentially many other accessory devices
to minimize wiring, I have read that the responsiveness of train control can
diminish as more devices are added. How much of a problem is this? I have been
thinking about NCE equipment...Is it robust enough to service what I have in
mind? I hope my question isn't off topic of what is allowed here. I am
struggling with how to use the existing technology while planning for the

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