Re: I am going Nutz with decoders ???

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Either the Lenz LH100 is putting out DC and your loco decoders are taking off or the NCE decoders are faulty.
Time to
1) Measure track voltage with a Standard DC voltmeter...It should read zero volts. [The average of the DCC track voltage without any 'analog loco offset' is supposed to be zero. Else the LH100 is faulty.
2) Try some elses DCC equipt loco that is known to work. Dont re-program anything. If it too takes off or otherwise cannot run at its programmed address the LH100 is faulty. If it works, the LH100 is working properly
3) If someone elses loco works OK but you still can't get the NCE D13SRJs to work, either they are all faulty (unlikely) or you are doing something wrong in wiring or programming them.
4) Use a new D13. Just hook it up to track and a loco motor....skip the loco shell install. Don't change any CVs. It should work as loco short address 3 right out of the package.
5) Operator error...Re-read and follow all the instructions. Better yet, get someone local to give you a 'hands on' lesson. In the end, be sure to disable DC operation mode (CV29) to avoid false DC runnaways with the D13.

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I went and wired a different loco up, programed it. and it seems to
be doing the same thing. i have several decoders all of the brand
D13SRJ, and i am using a Lenz LH100.

I hope that your not thinking of what I just though of, cause Lenz
will hear a nasty note from me LOL


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