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You only need one controller.  Divide your layout into a few Power Districts for
fault tolerance.  Add one more, possibly tywo, booster for the accessory devices
depending on how many you have and the expected current draw. They are more
reliable this way because a lack of track power does not affect them. I have a
slightly larger layout underway, and I learned these lessons on NTrak modules
that were 100% DCC.  It was always best to only have track power one the tracks
amd accesory track power comming from a different source.

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Greetings: I am building a large HO/HOn3 home layout (1,600SF) and am beginning
to design a DCC wiring plan. My question concerns over working a DCC system with
accessory devices. Would it be a good idea to have 2 DCC systems? One for train
control and the other to control accessory devices? I got this idea from reading
an article about NMRA net.Thanks for any insights about what really works.

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