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Don't stagger the gaps!!!. If, you read in the book, It clearly says, The train should fit, in the reverse section!!!. Bill Teeters

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Just wanted to confirm something. This is only an issue if the wheels are metal? If you use plastic wheel sets this is not an issue?.......................George.

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I don't remember if it was brought up, but is the reversing section longer than the train you are running through it? If the train hangs out both ends it can give you problems as the reverser is trying to reverse as the wheels on each end cross the gaps.

Richard looking at MP 242 while working for the FEC Rwy.

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"Staggering the gaps will be some work as I am using Kato Unitrack, which is


Don't worry about staggering the track gaps.

DCC reversing units work by sensing the short created when the first wheels
on the engine bridge the gap between regular track and track controlled by
the reversing units.

Once the short is detected across the first gap, the reversing unit takes
action. The position of the gap in the other rail is irrelevant - it can be
directly across from the first gap or off set a bit - it makes no difference
whatsoever. There's no reason to go to the extra effort to stagger the

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA


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