Re: Programming Track "bus" length


60 feet is a long way away.
You might want to consider a SPROG III and a used computer + JMRI for a standalone programming station.
For one thing, you can program with interfering with the club running. Plus you will get easier trouble-shooting without having to walk 60 feet to see if the wheels are on the track.

Our club has a small Digitrax CS, Locobuffer II, and JMRI as a programming setup. (The club runs trains with EasyDCC) All the parts are donated or free.
We also use the computer for RailOP, and for future software goodies.

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We have a Digitrax DCS-100 (Super Chief) command station on our club layout. The command station is currently located about 60 feet from where the programming track is, and seems to fail occasionally. The most common failure mode is the No-d message, meaning no decoder was detected.

This is a relatively new installation, but I was wondering if there's a limit on how far away the programming track could be. We don't have to worry about voltage drop (as it depends on current draw), but what about interference?


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