Re: Infuriating Athearn Genesis sound in an SD45-2

Steve Haas

"I'm afraid to play with CV19, because that's what killed the original
decoder. the locomotive still listened in a consist even if the headlights
wouldn't turn on, and to clear it, i changed cv19 to zero, and that was the
last straw. it wouldn't even turn on after that. "


There's no need to be afraid of playing with CV 19, but there are some

CV 19 can really only exist in two states - "Not in consist", in which it
will have a value of 0, and "In consist" in which case it will have the
assigned consist number 1 through 127.

The big thing to remember when programming CV 19 to 0 to clear an engine out
of a consist is that may only be half the problem. If an engine is set up
on another layout to run in a consist, and then bought home it will still be
in that consist.

Clearing out the CV on the engine at home, will allow the engine to be run
at home as a single engine.

However, when you take that engine back to the other layout, the command
station on that layout still sees the engine as in whatever consist it was
previously. The results of this will vary based on the make/model of that
DCC system.

To resolve this issue, the engine must be removed from the consist in the
DCC system's mind.

With NCE, this is done by using the Consist > Del command to delete the
engine from the _system's_ memory.

Check the documentation for the DCC systems in use to see how this is
accomplished with those systems.

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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