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Hi Max

Thanks for the info, I will check it out at my local shop, I am sure they have the one you have described



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This will be massive overkill in every way -rating, size, cost A I amp
rating at 100volts is more than sufficient.


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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the info, I did call my local electronics shop and they have a
bridge rectify but for 100amps, will this be OK? if not what do I look for
with one of these?


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The AC bus will attach to the two AC terminals (~) on the bridge. The DC
output will appear on the + and - terminals. Wire each DPDT as reversing
switch from the DC output of the bridge to pins 1 and 8 of the Tortoise. You
can put a two-terminal bi-color LED or a pair of parallel connected LEDs
wired in series with the Tortoise as turnout position indicators.

See Diagrams 1, 3 and 4 on the Tortoise intruction sheet.

Doug Stuard

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I have no problems with wiring a Tortoise to a Lenz LS150 using the two
diodes etc but I now have to wire several to a DPDT switch as I am going to
have my yard with these and will switch it manually to have a bit of fun
away from the computer controlled main lines. I have an AC accessory bus
that is for all the turnouts so I guess that I need to have this bus and
attach a bridge rectifer to change the current to DC for the Tortoise, how
does the wiring go?

AC bus to the bridge rectifer (what kind do I use?)and then to the DPDT
switch and then to the Tortoise using which pads on the Tortoise 1 and 8 ?
and then wire the Tortoise's in parellel with both wires ?


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