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The values for CV17 and CV18 are not directly discernable from the 4 digit address as there is a little mathematical gymnastics employed by the decoder having to do with fixed bits that also must be included in the CV values.

Here's a link to a good CV17/18 calculator:

Don't forget to then set CV29 to enable the new 4 digit address (i.e, set it to 34 or 38).

Doug Stuard

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I have the MRC Wireless system. I tried programming on the program track and program on the main and it still did not change it's address. NCE manuel says it will do a two or four digit address. What do you set CV17 and CV18 at? Thanks I will try CV29 at 34 and see if that works. Thanks Larry

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Hi Larry

What DCC system are you using?

Which method of programming - the Program Track or "On the Main" POM are you

Are you using CVs to change the address or a method described in your system

There are THREE CVs to program, CVs 17 and 18 for the "values" of the Long
Address and CV 29 will need to changed so the decoder responds to the Long
Address. Most of us will use "34" that is DC OFF and No Speed Tables.

Many DCC systems will do this "Change to the Long Address" procedure for
you, automatically.

Get back to us with some more details if you cannot still get your decoders
to work.


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Having trouble with the Bach-DSL decoder from NCE. I have four and for some
reason I am unable to change the Decoder number from 03 to a four digit
number. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks. Larry


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