Re: The best dcc system to start and grow with.

Marcus Ammann

Hi Chris

You will get many answers here suggesting a particular system. We are all
biased including me, so you'll have to tell us a little more.

What sort of layout - fixed or walk around?
How many locos are you intending to operate at the same time?
How many operators would you like to have?
Do you want a Computer connection?
Do you want Wireless operation in the future?

Cost would only be part of my decision making.

The most important criteria for selecting a DCC system, is how does the
Throttle feel in your hand and how easy is it to use. The throttle is your
interface between you and your trains. No point on feeling uncomfortable and
finding it is hard to operate. Purchase a system by "road testing" a few and
running a few trains and programming a decoder by both using the Program
Track and "On the Main" - POM.

Remember choose your system carefully AND in the big picture, it is only a
part of the DCC Journey. You'll spend more on decoders, especially if you
add sound to the layout and other DCC stuff.

Now for my recommendation, the best full feature Entry Level system is NCE's
Power Cab that can be easily expanded when your layout expands and you get
more friends coming around to play trains, now that you've gone DCC.

Hope this helps


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Hello everyone!

I am trying to decide on the best for your money dcc to start with and grow!

All recommendations are appreciated.

Thanks for the time

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The PTB100 is a very good programming track booster. So far, it works with
all decoders, including tsunamis. Hook it up permanently and it will do
everything you want to read and write CVs. I'm not sure about updating
software files into Lok-Sound or QSI decoders. You may still need something
special for those apps.

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Hi All,

I am about to install a PTB100 between my DCS100 and the programming track
so that I can program a recently purchased loco with Tsunami decoder. I can
program all functions bar the loco address via OPs mode but cannot change
the loco address.

Is there any reason why I should not connect this permanently? I have locos
with other decoders and wondered if the PTB100 is suitable for progamming
all of my locos.



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