Re: Soundtraxx PTB100

Marcus Ammann

Hi George

My PTB-100 is connected ALL THE TIME to my Program Track.

Any Service Mode programming (the Program Track) goes through the PTB-100. I
program Soundtraxx, QSI, Loksound, Lenz, NCE and TCS.

Some DCC systems don't allow you to change the address in OPS Mode. My NCE
does but only if you go between the Short to Long or Long to Short. I don't
know what the DCS100 (Digitrax) can do.


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Hi All,

I am about to install a PTB100 between my DCS100 and the programming track
so that I can program a recently purchased loco with Tsunami decoder. I can
program all functions bar the loco address via OPs mode but cannot change
the loco address.

Is there any reason why I should not connect this permanently? I have locos
with other decoders and wondered if the PTB100 is suitable for progamming
all of my locos.



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