Re: Terminating busses

Earl T. Hackett <hackete1@...>

Right now there are 3 boosters and I'm planning on adding a fourth for the storage tracks in the other room. One booster has 18 blocks, but several are very small yard ladders or just two point to point turnouts.

When I was starting this layout I was considering whether I should switch to DCC. The ability to have an independently controlled helper on the grade was the deciding factor. Although I was concerned with signal distortion, I could find no one that understood what I was talking about - or if they did, they weren't talking. Everyone said to just substitute a booster for a DC powerpack, add decoders, and everything will work just fine. The only concern tabled was the amperage capacity of the boosters and the potential for resistance heating in case of a derailment. I suspect that there was a desire by many individuals to see the DCC system succeed and no one was going to say anything bad about it. So with old DC wiring as a guide, I wired a booster to the EB and WB main with another for the yards. The double track main is about 400' long. From your website, it is obvious that my original concerns were well based and DCC is not suitable for use on long runs without special considerations.

With the rewiring, boosters are all being moved to the power distribution panels so the longest transmission distance will be about 25'. This rewiring project is expected to take at least 3 months. I really like the twisted pair arrangement as it helps keep things organized. Right now I'm just wiring the track to toggle switch cutoffs to aid in troubleshooting and leaving a small length of wire to which a compensating RC circuit can be added. Once that is done there is a cross over and a couple of turnouts that have to be added to the mainline to allow the proper switching moves at White Sulfur Springs. It will be at least 5 months before I'm ready to fire up the power and turn a wheel so there's plenty of time to figure out what is really required.

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