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Marcus Ammann

Hi Stu

You are having problems identifying ALL brands of decoders.

It sounds like you have "connectivity" problems with Decoder Pro and your
DCC system.

Remove the PTB-100 from your Program Track.

Can you read CV 8 with your handpiece with ANY loco on the Program Track?

If you cannot read CVs of a motor only normal decoder like a Digitrax, NCE
etc (NOT a sound decoder), with your system and handpiece/throttle, then you
won't be able to read it with Decoder Pro. The PTB-100 won't help here. The
PTB-100 from Soundtraxx is for reading CVs of SOUND decoders like the
Soundtraxx Tsunami range of decoders.

From memory Blueline locos are "strange" beasts to program. I don't have any
and have never seen one. Lets try a "program" another type of loco/decoder.

If your system can read CVs of a normal (non sound) decoder then "set up"
Decoder Pro making sure all the Preferences are CORRECT for Digitrax and
then check if you can read CVs using Decoder Pro.

Leave the PTB-100 out of the Program Track "set up" until you have confirmed
correct programming of a decoder/loco.

Once you have Decoder Pro working correctly, install the PTB-100 and read
the same NON sound loco. If this works correctly, then read a sound
decoder/loco NOT the Blueline.

If this is correct then you are all good to go.

It's the Blueline that's causing you issues. I "Googled" BLI Blueline and
came up with Tony's information about Bluelines and you're not the only one
having [problems at:

Hope this helps


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I have recently installed a a Soundtrax PTB-100 programming booster within
my Digitrax setup because I thought it would assist with programming
Blueline BLI. While the item functions as per the manual, I note that the
JMRI program that I utilise to program locos, is coming up with the message
that it is unable to identify the decoder.

This is happening with all decoders including the common - ones which
normally would not present an issue to JMRI and the system.

Before I pull it out - has anyone experienced this and from a wiring
perspective, have I created incompatibility issues with loadings and data
handling? I use the Digitrax MS100 at about 16k baud as the interface and
wondered whether there is a timing issue although this isn't mentioned in
error codes.

I do have a loco buffer ready to install but not sure which way to proceed

thanks once again Stu


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