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Doug Stuard <dstuard@...>

You would think that there would be the provision for the command station/programmer to recognize the programming booster as a "decoder" so as to permit programming to proceed.

Perhaps someone with direct knowldge (always a good thing) can chime in.

Doug Stuard

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Thanks Doug - appreciated

what you suggest seems logical so I might pull it out or install a DPDT and get around it that way. Thankyou once again. Stu

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I'm not familiar with the booster you are using, but it may be that, while the booster provides the necessary oomph TO the programming track, it does not provide the ability for the command station to detect what is on the far side of the booster. Like any amplifier, it's a one-way device unless a separate reverse path is explicitly provided.

But I could be wrong...

Doug Stuard

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I have recently installed a a Soundtrax PTB-100 programming booster within my Digitrax setup because I thought it would assist with programming Blueline BLI. While the item functions as per the manual, I note that the JMRI program that I utilise to program locos, is coming up with the message that it is unable to identify the decoder.

This is happening with all decoders including the common - ones which normally would not present an issue to JMRI and the system.

Before I pull it out - has anyone experienced this and from a wiring perspective, have I created incompatibility issues with loadings and data handling? I use the Digitrax MS100 at about 16k baud as the interface and wondered whether there is a timing issue although this isn't mentioned in error codes.

I do have a loco buffer ready to install but not sure which way to proceed now.

thanks once again Stu

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