Programming Track Booster


I have recently installed a a Soundtrax PTB-100 programming booster within my Digitrax setup because I thought it would assist with programming Blueline BLI. While the item functions as per the manual, I note that the JMRI program that I utilise to program locos, is coming up with the message that it is unable to identify the decoder.

This is happening with all decoders including the common - ones which normally would not present an issue to JMRI and the system.

Before I pull it out - has anyone experienced this and from a wiring perspective, have I created incompatibility issues with loadings and data handling? I use the Digitrax MS100 at about 16k baud as the interface and wondered whether there is a timing issue although this isn't mentioned in error codes.

I do have a loco buffer ready to install but not sure which way to proceed now.

thanks once again Stu

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