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I have been very happy with the Super Chief. It has been very reliable and
fully featured. There are a lot of third party products supporting it using
Loconet interfaces too. In my case, the layout ended up be bigger than it
could handle, but that is not a knock against it, it is just a limit that
very few folks would ever approach.

Now to add more fun for the party, add a Locobuffer USB from RR-Circuits and
download JMRI (free) and you are on your way to computer controlled layout
etc. JMRI includes DecoderPro, and that makes programming the decoders as
easy as it gets. It also includes PanelPro that allows you to control
sections of your layout.

Now you have the ability to conquer just about everything DCC related.


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Thanks so much for all the input so far. I have been leaning towards
Digitrax Super Chief based on what I have found on the internet so far, but
like I said I wanted to hear from actual users first. If anyone else has
comments I sure would like to see them before I make a final decision.
Again, thank you for all the input.

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