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For your stated needs, you will want to step up to the top tier systems like
the Digitrax Super Chief, the NCE Power Cab or the Lenz set 100 ( I think)

These are all fully featured units.

I use the Super Chief and am happy with it generally. I have run out of
capacity on it as my layout grew larger. I ran out of accessory address
space is the only thing that bothers me about it. But in reality, none of
the others would have a large enough address space either.

The best part about the top tier systems is that all you need as your layout
grows are power boosters.


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Hello everyone, I have not purchased a DCC system yet, but have researched
the various systems. They claim to be able to do this or that, but I would
like to hear from actual users. What I'm hoping for is a system to control
everything from the throttle, (turnouts, lights, crossing guards, 7-8
engines + more later) basically everything on a layout. I would also like a
system that allows for expansion. Right now I'm the only operator but I
would also like the capability of 2 or more operators. I would love to hear
from anyone and their experience with the system they use, good or bad. Is a
starter set the best way to begin? I would like it to be somewhat user
friendly, but I'm sure if I need help this group will easily get me through
any problems. Thanks for any input.

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