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Doug Stuard <dstuard@...>

Yes, you do need a Digitrax throttle to configure the PM42. You
might be ablke to find an old DT100 or similar for a song, so it
might not be that bad.

If, however, you still can return the PM42, PowerShield and PSRev
units from Tony's might be a better choice in your application.

Doug Stuard

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Hi Paul

As you have an NCE system, like me, for an auto reverse unit you
must use a
DCC manufacturer not the same as your system. NCE does not make any
reversers and have them marketed under the NCE brand. There is no

The Digitrax PM42 will most probably work on NCE, but if it required
"adjustment", then this could only be done with a Digitrax

For users of any DCC system, other than Digitrax, I would only buy
manufactured by anyone other than Digitrax. These include Tony's
Exchange - PS Rev Power Shields. MRC's - AD520 and Lenz's - LK100.

See Tony's site for details for auto reversers at:

For using the auto reversers on return loops see the above site and
site at:

There are no cheap and simple solutions for "return loops" that
automatically and "transparent".

My recommendation for an auto reverser would be Tony's PS Rev.
These are
solid state electronic units. I have seen and others have reported
with using mechanical relay types of auto reversers. They may cost
a little
more but they offer trouble free operation to everyone that uses


Original message
Paul said on 23 December 2005 Subject: Re: [WiringForDCC]

Thanks for your replies. Yes, I actually have 3 auto-reverse
areas and 1
turntable, this is why I was going to use the PM42. I'm using a
DCC unit. Reading the forum I think I would need a DigiTrax
throttle to
change any settings to make the PM42 an autoreverse module. Is
there any
around this using the Northcoast since I've already purchased it?

I still have the option to return the PM42 and go a different

Is it better with DCC to stay with the products that are the same
brand as
your control unit?

Marcus, I will be using the autoreverse module as a return loop.
Do you
have any suggestions?


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