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Look at Tonys Trains PX series eliminate the start up problems. Bill 3

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This is something I will have to look into.



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Do you have Op-Switch 18 set to 1/2 second (closed)? If you set it to
the longer time period, it helps.

The problem is two-fold. 1) The DCS100 trips out much too fast on a
Take your questions to the Digitraxx forum to find suggestions and
fixes. I'm
sure they have been through this before. 2) The sound decoders draw
extra peak
amperes when track power is first turned when attempting to
from a short. This happens expecially when you have added power
capacitors to your locos if you haven't also installed the diode and
resistor trick
to eliminate the power on surge issue.

Setting the track voltage higher as you indicate below actually makes
problem worse, and is possibly detrimental to the life of your DCC

Also knowing what scale you are running also makes a difference as
scales draw more amps. Running or staging passenger trains with
lamp lighted cars? Have you measured the current to your problem
tracks? I
have no issues by simultaneously running 4 or 5 powered locos with
sound on
my HO scale layout, with at least 12 others on powered staging tracks,
all from a
single 5 amp (NCE) booster.

I question also if the power supply for the DCS100 is adequate to power
DCS100 booster to its full power capacity. That too, can cause the
booster to
not gracefully restart.

Any chance of an auto-reversing control being part of the issue?
Sometimes they
don't like to recover if/when a loco is crossing the gaps on a booster


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Our club has been having problems with our DCS100 not resetting after a
when there are more than 2 sound locomotives in that power district. I
have tried
all the fixes suggested and by tweaking the DCS100 to maximum voltage
putting the loco staging and service yard on a booster separate from
the main
yard, we have gotten to the point where we can run 3 sound locos at a
time in
the yard but a fourth one causes the problem to reappear. The main yard
is the
only district that we have this problem on. None the other 7 or so
districts, even
the ones that still have a Big Boy booster have this problem. All the
districts are isolated from each other and the DCS100 serves as the
station for the entire layout (about 400 l.f. of mainline) as well as
the power for
the yard.

One of the suggestions was to put the yard on a booster of its own and
let the
DCS100 serve as just a command station. One of the other clubs in town
offered to sell use a DB200 8 amp booster for a reasonable price but I
find an 8 amp power supply. I can find a 6 amp one that the
manufacturer says
will run the 8 amp booster, I am concerned that it will not run it to
its maximum
capacity and we may not have significantly improved on our problem.

Can someone out there educate me on this? I really appreciate your

Jerry Hunt
Corpus Christi Model Railroad Club

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