Re: How to wire a Shinohara DCC Friendly Double Slip into a layout.

Richard Cook <cyrilatrockbottom@...>

    Thanks for your response. Alas, the information was of little assistance to me.    Firstly, the link that you provided goes nowhere.
    I've looked into the 'Wiring for DCC' website previously but it mainly concentrates on making the old Double slip DCC friendly.
    Secodly, I do not possess your expertise or experience to move my problem forward.
    I can work out the tortoise pin connections but I am at a loss as to where to connect the wires to the double slip.
    Also, you didn't mention anything about  insulating one or more of the rails.  Am I correct in assuming that all tracks are powered?
    In a later posting from Alan from 'Wiring for DCC', he mentioned that he intends to add the wiring details together with the tortoise machines to his website ( I can't wait for the detailed wiring details ).

Thanks again,  Cyril.

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There is a wiring diagram for the double-slip turnout at
http://www.wiringfo switches. htm. My experience with a the
similar Sinohara double cross-over, however, suggests that you give
serious consideration to powering the frogs, and especially so if you
are running any steam locomotives. Using Tortoise switch machines, you
can do this as follows:

(a) Connect a wire from the Tortoise's pin 4 to the frog

(b) Connect a wire from the Tortoise's pin 3 to one rail

(c) Connect a wire from the Tortoise's pin 2 to the opposite rail

You may need to reverse the rail connections to achieve proper polarity,
however, depending on the way you have oriented the switch machine. In
addition, of course, you will need to run leads from your double/single
pole switch to the appropriate pins on the Tortoise.


On 3/25/10 4:00 AM, cyrilatrockbottom wrote:

I cannot find any information from either any of the DCC
forums/websites or the manufacturer on how to wire up the
above-mentioned double slip ( Shinohara DCC friendly ). I don't know
where to fit the insulated joiners, where to feed the DCC power, how
to wire in the tortoise switch contacts. Thanks, Cyril....

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