Modular DCC Wiring

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I am a relative newbie to model railroading and am in the process of designing and building my first model railroad layout. I decided to make it a modular layout due to space requirements and the desire to bring it to local train shows on my own and with local model railroad clubs. I have purchased a Digitrax Zephyr to control my layout. On my modules I will use RJ12 (6 pin phone/data) jacks to connect the DCC bus wire. In my area there are several model railroad clubs with which I would like to participate. Each uses a different DCC system including Digitrax, Lenz, and NCE. As I understand it, Lenz and NCE use an RJ45 (Cat 5e) connector and wire for their DCC bus.

I understand you can not use both systems at the same time. However, is it possible to have two different bus wires and jacks on a single module, so that it can be used with either clubs layout using different DCC systems?

Home Depot sells an outlet cover with holes for two jacks. The face plate allows you to clip in whichever port you need. If it is possible to wire a module for both DCC systems, I would put a RJ12 in one and an RJ45 in the other.

Let me know your thoughts on this idea. I am very excited to get started with construction of my modules, and welcome any recomendations from fellow model railroaders.

Alan D. Smith
BM Railroad
Wallingford, CT

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