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I'm thinking about purchasing a PM42 Digitrax because I have 4
that need auto-reverse (or loops). I noticed that the PM42 can
manage for 4 independent auto-reversing sections. I have an NCE
system. I happened to look through the manual and I think I
how to wire it. Is there anything else I need to be aware of?
thinking that the factory default settings will work with my
system. I
sure hope so.
The PM42 will certainly do the job, as it can be run independently
from the loconet, but you will need a digitrax throttle to change
any of the settings.

Keep in mind that when a PM42 section is configured as an auto-
reverser, it does not provide short circuit protection (it reverses
the voltage polarity, rather than disconnecting it). Your booster
or other power manager must provide that function.

You might want to consider a PM42 used as a power manager/breaker
followed by AR1 revering modules for your reversing sections.
Another approach would be the Power Shiels and PSRev products from
Tony's Trains. See

This is all new to me and at times very confusing. Do you have
suggestions about how a beginner can learn all about this stuff?
Read, read, read...If you can get hold of "The Big Book of DCC" from
Digitrax (now out of print, but an updated version is due "soon").

Also, the following dealers have good intro material:

Tony's Trains:

Loy's Toys:

and Litchfield Station:

After that, Google can help you get as deep into it as you want.

Doug Stuard

Paul Weaver

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