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Nope. Sounds like a good plan. Add a R/C filter/terminator/snubber at the far end of each DCC bus run...Track and accessory. Unless you plan to have more than two operators, there should be no need for multiple boosters or to split up the track bus into multiple power districts unless it simply to have a separate track bus run for upper and lower levels for wiring convenience. However, using a separate booster for accessories is a good idea. An alternate would be to use en electronic circuit breaker to separate the track bus from the accessory bus.

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My HO layout is a 16ft x 32ft around the room layout with two levels basically both levels all the way around the room joined by helixes. I will be using NCE PH Pro 5A system. All switches (84 of them) will be tortoise machine controlled and run by NCE SW8's and mini panels on a separate booster accessory bus.
My main bus run (12 ga) and the accessory bus run (14 ga) end up being approx. 45ft long in each direction from the command station to cover each level. Is this too long even if I use 'snubbers' at the bus ends?



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