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Of course. Anything is possible. You can include separate control/cab bus runs and connections under each module that are compatible with several brands of DCC systems. Just provide the connector(s) as required for each hand-held cab for each brand....And label them as to which plug should be used for which DCC brand. One of the challenges however will be to agree on how the various control buses connect from module to module. You will need to comply with whatever the modular folks have set as the standard for say, Lens, NCE, Digitraxx and other control networks. Obviously, only one network type/brand will be used at a time. But you may be creating more risk and controversy while trying to save a few wires. A more fool proof method would be to simply wire up each network type separately from the others. You can still provide the cab plug-in sockets at a combined compact location. Simply cover up the unused cab plugs at each show venue to limit operator confusion.

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I am a relative newbie to model railroading and have been researching how to build my modular layout. My predicament is that I have several local modular railroad clubs nearby who use different DCC Systems. One uses Digitrax, another uses Lenz, and the other uses NCE. I own the Digitrax Zephyr and plan on using it to control my layout. It uses 6 pin phone jacks. However, to make my modules usable with two of the three other DCC systems I will need Cat 5e plugs. Is it possible to wire a module with two different sets of bus wire and jacks on the fascia to allow for use with all of the local clubs? Home Depot sells a small face plate with two empty slots which would allow me to insert one Cat 5e and one 6 pin phone jack into the holes.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Alan Smith
BM Railroad
Wallingford, CT


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