Re: Connecting Different DCC Systems

Kevin Reeve

That should work. Just label them and realize the 6 pin plug may fit into both of your jacks. So labeling is important.


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I am a relative newbie to model railroading and have been researching how to build my modular layout. My predicament is that I have several local modular railroad clubs nearby who use different DCC Systems. One uses Digitrax, another uses Lenz, and the other uses NCE. I own the Digitrax Zephyr and plan on using it to control my layout. It uses 6 pin phone jacks. However, to make my modules usable with two of the three other DCC systems I will need Cat 5e plugs. Is it possible to wire a module with two different sets of bus wire and jacks on the fascia to allow for use with all of the local clubs? Home Depot sells a small face plate with two empty slots which would allow me to insert one Cat 5e and one 6 pin phone jack into the holes.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Alan Smith
BM Railroad
Wallingford, CT

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