Re: [NTrakDCCSIG] DecoderPro

Paul Bender <paul.bender@...>

Hi Mike,

On December 17, Mike Langford wrote:
Is anyone using DecoderPro for setting up your decoders? If so can I use
the PR1 and the small portable programming box/track I built with it or do I
need to purchase what they recommend to use with it? Just curious...
Nope, you'll need to use another piece of hardware.

At this point in time, If you want a standalone programming track (i.e. one that
is NOT connected to a standard command station) you'll need to obtain an
SPROG-II from I own the serial version of this
device, and they do work very well.

Alternatly, if you really want to use that PR-1, you could volunteer to write a
JMRI driver for it. You don't necessarilly need to be well versed in Java to
do this, but a little low level programming experience would be helpfull
(especially for a device like the PR-1, where most of the code will be low
level code).


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