Re: Expanding from a Digitrax Zephyr system to a Super Empire Builder system

Doug Stuard <dstuard@...>

The DCS50 can be optioned to separate the throttle and booster
functions (and disable the command station) so your DB150 can be
used as the command station. The DCS50 manyual describes how to do

The DB150 can feed your PM42 and the DCS50 can feed yet another
power district for a total of five.

Keep in mind that the DB150, when use as a command station CANNOT
read back CVs, so you may want to keep the DCS50 so you can switch
it back to command station mode for programming.

Doug Stuard

--- In, "ahacman" <ron@r...> wrote:

Last year I purchased a Zephyr starter set with DCS 50 all-in-
one command station/booster/throttle and use it to run my new
(single power district running two locos on a small layout). It
works great! I just purchased a Radio equipped Super Empire
set for my layout expansion currently under construction with
throttle and DB150 command station/booster plus an additional UT4R
throttle, a PM42, plus some other stuff (will probably expand to 6-
loco addresses max. with 2 or 3 users max. at a time).

My question is can I switch my Zephyr DCS 50 to a
throttle and booster only to run my original layout portion (still
as a single power district) and use my new DB150 as my new
booster/command station driving the new expansion subdivided into
new power districts? I will subdivide my expansion into 4 power
stations (main line, freight yard, side spurs, etc.) so I also
purchased a PM42. Do I have to reprogram my current two locos to
run from the new command station? Since I will be greatly
my layout I think I would prefer to switch to the DB150 as my
command station now as it will offer more addresses, etc. although
probably will never exceed the 10 max addresses of the Zephyr
so I want to do whatever is easiest. Your advice is greatly
appreciated. Thank you.

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