Expanding from a Digitrax Zephyr system to a Super Empire Builder system

ahacman <ron@...>

Last year I purchased a Zephyr starter set with DCS 50 all-in-
one command station/booster/throttle and use it to run my new layout
(single power district running two locos on a small layout). It
works great! I just purchased a Radio equipped Super Empire builder
set for my layout expansion currently under construction with DT400R
throttle and DB150 command station/booster plus an additional UT4R
throttle, a PM42, plus some other stuff (will probably expand to 6-8
loco addresses max. with 2 or 3 users max. at a time).

My question is can I switch my Zephyr DCS 50 to a
throttle and booster only to run my original layout portion (still
as a single power district) and use my new DB150 as my new
booster/command station driving the new expansion subdivided into 4
new power districts? I will subdivide my expansion into 4 power
stations (main line, freight yard, side spurs, etc.) so I also
purchased a PM42. Do I have to reprogram my current two locos to
run from the new command station? Since I will be greatly expanding
my layout I think I would prefer to switch to the DB150 as my
command station now as it will offer more addresses, etc. although I
probably will never exceed the 10 max addresses of the Zephyr DCS150
so I want to do whatever is easiest. Your advice is greatly
appreciated. Thank you.

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