Re: Turnout Control via PC?

steve <snorring@...>

I went through this thought process about a year ago.

I purchased a DS54, CVP's products, Lenz or Atlas, Team digiatal.

I like the CVP product you need the edge connector and some time
soldering. The DS 54 is overkill i use it for crossing signals and i
really like the lenz/atlas product since it is very simple.

I am using JMRI to contol the decoders. Tony's has a very good review
of all the stationary decoders. $8-10 per turnout is what the cost
is. I like using the computer and Macros to set up routes, especially
when running my yard. 1 button throws 8 switches.

--- In WiringForDCC@..., "Kyle" <kaysievert@s...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am tempted to use a PC to control the switches on my layout.

Now, an easy way would be to buy a bunch of DS54's and to go broke
over that.
From what I can tell doing some research is, that it'll cost $10 and
up per turnout to control them with a PC.
Way too costly, since I'm planning on having 32 turnouts on my layout.

Is there a cheaper way to do this? I don't necessarily need DCC
control, since I'm not planning on using my throttle to control the
turnouts. A cheap PC I/O interface maybe?

I looked into the following stationary decoders:
Digitrax DS54
Team Digital SMD8

Here's my current setup:
Peco PL10 twin-coil motors
Digitrax Zephir
Loco Buffer II
Spare PC

If any of you know of a solution that would cost less than $10 per
turnout, I'd be very interested.


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