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I have a little different approach that I borrowed from NTrak. I color code
my wires based on functionality. I also take advantage of Power Districts
to keep wires from going all over. While my home layout is not modular, I
used several modular techniques to keep the wiring simple. Since I do not
have a control panel, I use the computer and JMRI for that, I do not need to
run wires for occupancy LEDs or things like that. But again, I would look at
color codes instead of numbers, because tags can fall off or fade, but the
colors stay.



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Hi All

What does everybody do to number there wires under the layout? I have tried
some stick on style tabs and numbered them myself but it is just not good
enough and I will have a lot of wires really soon.

Is there any numbering system that just clips on with ready made numbers,
any suggesions welcome


Anthony J

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