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Thanks. Have attache4d a scan of an Electrofrog with a couple of
questions. I am in the process of building a goods yard , with 17 points ,
so I want to get it right. Am using Tortoise with the electrofrogs.

My queries are:

1 Is styrene enough

2. Should I make another cut?

5 Should the under join be cut? Would 2 obviate this?

6 I think, you said DO NOT CUT

Hope I can go ahead without shorts



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Several weeks ago, someone was asking about which wires to snip on the
bottom of a Peco Electrofrog. Specifically, there was a connection on the
bottom of the frog they were asking about snipping. At the time, I didn't
know what wire they were talking about. I've since needed to buy a Peco
Electrofrog. So here's the answer.

Right near the center of the frog is a wire that is welded to the four
pieces of track that make up the frog. Do NOT cut it. You want it. The tail
of wire that is attached to these 4 weld points is how you will wire the
frog - wire shown on green on my diagrams.

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