Atlas Code 55 NScale Turnouts

Michael Langford


I am in the process of trying to figure out how to wire the new Atlas
Code 55 NScale Turnouts for a full DCC layout. I am using a Digitrax
Chief System. Your wonderful website doesn't seem to address these
turnouts. It seems to be a little out of date but it is still one of
the best references on the Internet.

I have a small Interchange section with 12 of them on it. Some
creating crossovers and some for stubs. The new turnouts have a
small tab on one side with a hole for soldering or using a screw.
The instructions that come with them all reference to the Atlas
switch machines BUT I am using Tortoise slow motion machines. I have
been trying to figure it out before I burn up a bunch of decoders.
Can you help me somehow?

I am uploading a JPEG of the interchange for you to look at. IT has
changed a little after the LDSIG gave me input but the design is
almost identical except for the distances between the switches.
Thanks in advance.

Yours Truly,
Mike Langford
SOO Line 1964-67

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