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I have a lot of old Arnold Rapido turnouts, 3-wired, solenoid based that I
got from my father. I'm thinking on building a DCC layout and I'm currently

Your turnouts should work with either AC or DC. You don't have to control your turnouts with DCC controllers to use the turnouts on DCC layouts. You can just power them as you always would have. If you want to control them with DCC controllers, I think your turnouts should work fine with any DCC stationary or auxillary controller designed to operate twin coil switch machines.

The bigger question is whether the turnout is DCC friendly. Since I am not familiar Arnold Rapido turnouts, I can't answer that question. If the Rapido turnouts are not DCC friendly, you may find that you have shorts that shutdown your railroad. To determine if your turnouts are DCC friendly, check out my website at:

If you will be the sole operator on your railroad, DCC friendly turnouts may not be a big issue for you.

There isn't enough information for me to tell if you can control your turntable with DCC. I suspect it cannot be done easily, if at all. But again, is your goal to control the turntable with DCC or to simply run DCC trains on it? If you simply want to run DCC trains on it, I suspect your turntable will work just fine. Just use an auto reversing unit to power the turntable bridge. See my website at:


investigating how much of this material is DCC-capable.

Are these types of turnouts controlable with modern decoders? I remember
that these turnouts operated with 16v AC and the circuit remained "opened"
because they worked great with the turnout buttons that Arnold made that had
little lamps inside indicating the current status of the turnout.

I also have a roundhouse. Is this DCC controlable ?

thanks for your help. I still have to make an inventory of the locos to see
if they are DCC-cabable (in terms of space, at least)

Many thanks,

Tiago Matias,

Reference for the turnouts:

For the roundhouse: (I have this
controller and another one, they made after, with only "next" and "previous"

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