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These are not the typical Velcro stuff. The strips have hooks on one side
and loops on the other.

The tool holder garden/hardware variety is the same, but mine are smaller
and cheaper. They come in a continuous roll with perforations and actually
are cheaper than the regular Velcro. $6 will get you 33 feet!


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Check with your local fabric supplier, they should have Velcro by the
metre in several widths.
Garden suppliers have the double side by the roll to tie up plants.
Hardware stores have the double sided for temporary tool holders or
other place where a temporary strap is needed.
You don't need the ones made specifically wire hanging and the added
expense for a specialized item.
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Hi Glen,

what is the item number of the velcro I will need to order over the
net as I am in australia if I can not find them here


Anthony James


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