From Command 2000 to DCC

ivaraas <ivar-aas@...>


I'm new to the forum. I'm 59 year, and live in Norway, having an US
type Model railroad. I have used Command control since the CTC16 in
I use Command 2000 now, but have planned to change to Easy DCC this
summer. Then I can by my dekoders much cheaper here in Norway.
I'm using Bruce Chubb's C/MRI and a PC, to drive my Dispatcher panel,
signals and swithes on the rairoad.
My railroad use 2 boosters, (cut in both rails between them)and my
detectors use about 30 blocks (cut in 1 rails). All my ground wiring
(both for trains and C/MRI) are connected together.
Does anyone know if I have to rewire my railroad?. Are DCC so very
different fram Command 2000?

Ivar Aas

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