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Do not use wirewound resistors. They will actually make things worse!

Hot is a relative term. Power resistors normally are hot to the touch.
There is nothing wrong with using larger resistors if your goal is to
reduce any discomfort you have in working with them or coming into
contact with them. But it not required. There is not enough power to
cause any fire hazard or burn.

You can always use a series string of resistors to spread out the heat.
Example: you could use 3 1/2W 39Ohm resistors in series. That will give
you a long 117 ohm 1.5W resistor. The resistance accuracy is not the

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Thanks for the info Mike. I had already decided to use a 2 watt,
now I'll probably go with the 3 as you used.

Thanks for the info. Ken

I can attest to the resistors getting toasty. I had to install
over 90
of them on our club layout. Even the 1 watt resistor got quite hot.

I eventually went with a 3 watt 130 ohm resistor and a 0.1uf 50 V
Capacitor. It really cleaned up the signal nice, and is not as hot
the touch.

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